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    Portugal has the highest energy cost of entire Europe.

    Electricity prices have more then doubled in the last 10 years, from €0,11 per Kw in 2005

    to €0,24 per Kw in 2016 !


    SHS Solar Solutions offers clients to be partly, step-by-step or completely independent of the electricity grid.


    In a country with 300 days of sunshine and 5 times stronger light then West and Northern European countries it is just a no-brainer to use the Photo Voltaic technology.


    Especially now the latest generation of Solar Panels last for over 30 years, the payback on the SHS Solar Solutions are only between 4-6 years.

    Try that in the bank with nowadays rates, in Northern European countries 8 to 10 years payback is only normal.


    SHS Solar Solutions has grown to a medium size company with 14 people divided into several disciplines like Infrastructure, Electrics, FeedIN, Infrared Heating and Battery solutions.


    Sustainable Superstore

    As founder and partner of the Sustainable Superstore in 2015, next to the Carwash in Almancil, SHS is still expanding rapidly.

    The concept is simple but very effective: All Energy Saving Concepts under one roof.


    The idea was born because the lack in Algarve of having different specialists in one Superstore.

    So Kenneth brought together experts in the field of LED Lightning, Anti Humidity, Insulation & Construction, Bamboo, Hot Solar Water & Heating, Water filtration & treatment and his own expertise: Solar Power.


    So clients can have a turn key solution with all sustainable disciplines available or choose just some of the specialities available.


    Far Infrared Heating

    In 2015 SHS introduced Far Infrared Heating panels to Algarve, which are about only 50% of the normal heating costs, and very healthy to the human body !

    SHS offers a basic line in ceramic panels and is authorized reseller for Portugal with an exclusive line of the famous UK Herschel brand.


    SHS Battery Backup Solutions

    SHS is also distributor for their Solar Battery systems of Lead Crystal Batteries, which are better then GEL batteries but much better priced with a payback of about 6 years only.

    These battery systems are a must for any household with an EDP bill above €150-€200 per month.


    SHS FeedIN Solutions

    The new SHS FeedIN Solutions offer clients a very affordable system without batteries, to use production of solar during the day and save on their daytime consumption, with returns of even 4 to 4,5 years.


    SHS TESLA Powerwall

    Our  latest announcement: SHS is now Authorized Reseller of the TESLA Powerwall.

    TESLA is the Holy Grail of Sustainability, and the next step is already in sight: Tesla solar roof tiles,

    SHS already has the terracotta roof tiles with PV, but the soon expected TELSA roof tiles will be spectacular.

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