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    Our standard set-top boxes give you access to the world of UK and Sky TV. 

    S.O.S UKTV Chris Whitman has lived and worked in the Algarve for nearly 16 years.From day one, due to his own experience as well as those of friends and family, he noticed the need for reliable UK TV solutions. These solutions are provided via the internet or satellite. All equipment is of the highest quality and installed by qualified technicians on time, and at reasonable prices. So S.O.S UKTV was born to satisfy demand.

    Our Reputation and Service

    S.O.S UKTV is now solidly established as the Algarve’s first choice of UK TV companies, supplying only the highest quality materials, installed by fully qualified technicians. Our high standard of service has placed the company in high demand by corporate, commercial and private entities throughout the Algarve and beyond. A family company you can trust and rely on.

    Our Products

    MAG250 Internet box

    We now have mag250 Internet boxes which enable the channels to be streamed live via a legal UK based company to your TV. After extensive tests the mag250 has proved to be far superior to all other internet boxes. This gives you over 100 english channels including BBC, ITV, CH 4 and Ch5 plus 4 Irish Channels, RTE1, RTE2, TV3 & TG4.  It also has a 14 day catch-up facility. Sky Sports and Movies packages are available with this system please call or email for further details.These boxes are extremely high quality and reliable and use the minimum amount of data. Of course this service is only as good as your internet speed. Ideally you would need a speed of at least 5MB. If your speed is lower than 5MB we offer a Low Bandwidth package which includes UK and Sky Channels. Full Sky Sports and Movies packages are available with this system please call or email for further details.

    We pride ourselves on being the only Internet TV Provider in the Algarve that has a legal UK based server. Therefore, we guarantee no buffering or break-up.

    Alternative Satellite

    There is an alternative satellite which is used as a back-up for armed forces and hotel industry. This satellite gives you BBC1, BBC2, BBC3, BBC4, ITV1, Ch 4, Film 4, BBC News, CBBC and Cbeebies in full HD and all BBC radio stations.This system requires another smaller dish and new HD box. This runs alongside your existing system which means you will still receive all the remaining freeview sky tv and radio channels as well, such as Sky news, Pick etc, music channels.

    All our systems come with a full year’s warranty.

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